What makes it difficult for you to study?

In fact, it's not hard to discover that there's so many things can disturb me from study. However, the most important one I needed to overcome is the laziness. Human beings are born to be lazy, it's unconvincing, thus if someone (in this example, me myself) like to overcome his laziness, he needs motivation(s). And that's the second point I should improve on to study better, the source of motivation. In most of my life, though I have a clear long-term goal, my short-term goal is often unsure. This is a large cause of my laziness and the obstacle on my study route.

How do you feel about small group discussion?

Small group discussions are a good way for student to learn independently. In a small group discussion, students should collect infomation and exchange the infomation within themselves. This can develop our independent learning ability and other comprehensive qualities. Of course, small group discussion also has its advantages and disadvantages, and its disadvantage is that it is easy for some students to not participate in classroom activities very well, and other students are very active instead. But in generally speaking, I think small group discussions can also promote the relationship between students and build a better atmosphere.

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